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We Help Providers Improve Patient Care

Power of Patients' dashboard delivers a holistic view of your patients real-time data. By incorporating Power of Patients Patient Reported Outcome Tracking™ (PROT™) data, you and your patients create unique partnerships improving the personalization of their treatment.

Doctor explaining information to a patient

3 P’s of Care

Person holding walker


Power of Patients’ solutions delivers real-time data to providers creating quality care and improving patient outcomes. Clinicians can synchronize care with other providers, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, address declines in quality of care, while enhancing patients health.


Power of Patients’ solution delivers customized, prescriptive analytics so you can be more responsive to your patients’ needs. Our proprietary data can assist you in making targeted healthcare recommendations, personalized for each patients. We take precision medicine one step further; we include patient reported outcome information for better care coordination among multiple providers.

Person holding walker
Person holding walker


Progression-prevention disease management is leading the way for the upmost care for vulnerable patients, like patients with brain injuries.

Power of Patients can help clinicians target a wholistic treatment plan through their real-time patient reported outcome system and move away from a siloed treatment approach. Side-by-side with their providers, patients can now take an active role in preventing further progression and complications from their condition. Power of Patients Clinical Data Applications System™ is designed to optimize health while minimizing disease and suffering.

I really admire the environment that Power of Patients has created for its members. I commonly present my work at support group meetings, but there was something very special about the way each member supported each other within the meeting. You could tell that everyone there felt heard!

Caitlin Hebb, Neurologic Music Therapist Fellow at MedRhythms


We Help Rehabilitation Facilities
With Comprehensive Care Too

  1. Case managers use our reports for risk-based monitoring and third-party payer documentation. 
  2. Rehabilitation staff can collaborate with their patients to set goals and track their progress. 
  3. Our Social Determinants of Health Data supports CARF accreditation.

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