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Empower People With Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are understudied, underdiagnosed, and undertreated - blocking patients from the resources they need to recover. We are reshaping the clinical trial process.

Brain Injuries Change People.

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The CDC now considers TBI to be a chronic condition. 

Clinicians have difficulties diagnosing patients and prescribing effective therapeutics. This stems from a lack of knowledge that plagues the medical community and the research industry. Clinical trials are lacking because brain injuries are more than complex, they are intricate, complicated, and unique.


Unique to every patient, Power of Patients® is changing this. Our dashboard is designed to help brain injury patients drive change. We strive to provide patients and caregivers with the engagement, resources, and empowerment needed to best address their recovery, progress, and management. Additionally, through the ability to use this data in the medical and research communities, together we can reshape and accelerate clinical trials to help people with brain injuries.

Origin Story

About The Founder:

I’m Lynne Becker, the founder of Power of Patients®. I have learned through my 2 daughters’ distinctively different head injuries, concussions versus TBI, that if you have seen 1 brain injury, then you have only experienced 1 brain injury. No 2 brain injuries are alike. The challenge was trying to identify what treatment should be recommended and when. You see, despite the uniqueness of their injuries and the presentation of similar symptoms, different triggers confounded their recovery. It was confusing, maddening, and frustrating trying to get them the care they needed at the appropriate time.

It was a test of my patience, but more importantly, a test of my commitment to understand what has happened to my daughters and how to help them. Through my journey, I want to share this knowledge I have learned and help you.

Lynne Becker

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Where We Are & Where We're Going

Together, partnering with Patients, Caregivers, Providers, Researchers, and the Healthcare Industry, we can continuously strive to improve the lives of those impacted by traumatic brain injuries.

To aid other patients with brain-related needs, we have expanded Sallie’s™ talents. As a caregiver myself, I understand the challenges we face. To help caregivers, we have created a separate track to help you too. All the same wonderful features built for a TBI patient are available for you regardless if you are tracking someone that has had a TBI, stroke or any dementia/neurological condition; such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, autism, etc. And we won’t stop there. We will continue training Sallie™ for other chronic condition needs.

I discovered BIAPH, my local brain industry association in Ontario, when I finally conceded I needed to take time off work in order to get better. This was 3 months after my accident, at the lowest point in terms of my cognitive decline, and before my recovery had even started. The first event was a virtual Zoom meeting, where Lynne spoke about Power of Patients®, and how it had helped survivors like myself. After registering, the first thing I had to do was pick which symptoms to track, and set some goals. This was hard, because I was limiting my screen time, but it was a very valuable exercise. Just setting some targets helped me to focus on my recovery. As my condition improved gradually over the next 3 months, I was able to see this improvement in the app, which provided positive feedback. Six months after my accident I was able to return to work on a reduced schedule, slowly increasing my hours until after 8 months I am able to work full time again. Power of Patients played an important role in my recovery, and I am grateful that Lynne created the app and made it available to survivors for free. 

David Edwards, 57 years old

TBI Survivor

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