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We turn your words into DATA!

Power of Patients has created a novel, FREE, customizable, app to help patients & caregivers track their brain injury symptoms and triggers.

IPower of Patients engages, informs, and empowers people with brain injuries


For Patients

  • Control your health
  • Identify your trends, that cause pain
  • YOUR symptoms become a movie, a timeline

For Clinicians

  • Decrease office visit time
  • Expand payor policies
  • Increase personalized care

For Industry

  • Patients are ready and matched to your clinical trial
  • Access to an AI-augmented rich data warehouse
  • Decrease recruitment timelines

Brain Injuries Are Health Crisis

1.5M new cases of head injury happen every year
5.6M live with this chronic condition. Cases are growing.

FALLS cause the majority of head injuries. Children (0-4) and Seniors (65+) have the highest rates of TBIs.

57% of cases are missed at ER

CAT scans and MRIs miss 90% of problems.

Doctor pointing at cross-sectional images of brains

Why Are No Two Brain Injuries Alike?

Brain injuries are understudied, underdiagnosed, and undertreated - blocking patients from the resources they need to recover. We are reshaping the clinical trial process.

We are discovering new symptoms through our patient-led, innovative app


Former Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Rehabilitation Programs at the NIH National Center