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What to Expect this Webinar Wednesday

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Considering March is Brain Injury Awareness month, we have an incredibly special and well-renowned expert joining us for Webinar Wednesday on March 16, 2022, at 3:00pm EST.  

Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, Ph.D., a Senior Health Scientist at the Division of Injury Prevention for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) will be presenting! Juliet has an extensive career in clinical TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) rehabilitation and research.  

Expert Bio - Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa | CDC

Photo of Juliet from her CDC Bio. 

Juliet will be speaking about the CDC’s approach to TBIs. She will touch upon how the CDC approaches TBI surveillance and how they plan to capture the true burden of the condition for patients, their families, and healthcare systems. She plans to touch on new innovative ways the CDC has been trying to fully understand TBI incidence through their collaboration with other surveillance systems. Juliet will also explain how the CDC’s number one goal is to ensure that individuals who experience TBI get access to care, based on their needs, no matter what. 

Juliet has spent most of her career learning and listening to survivors' stories, as they drive her to find innovative solutions for their needs. With most of her research and expertise falling under childhood brain injuries, she also plans to speak about the importance of monitoring children following a “bump on the head”.  

Juliet has many hopes for emerging research within the TBI field. Most importantly she hopes that the following three topics are touched upon:  

  1. Fully understanding the burden of TBI. 
  1. Expand the development of TBI biomarkers. (Biomarkers are a biological molecule that is found within the body, in fluids or tissues, that can be measured to see a sign of a normal or abnormal process for a condition [a marker] of a disease.) 
  1. Increase longitudinal studies on children.  

During March’s webinar, you will be able to learn from Juliet about why she believes these topics merit increased attention. 

Finally, Juliet plans to emphasize the need towards deeming TBI to be a chronic condition. TBI chronicity is the long-term, constantly recurring, condition in which no one fully understands its long-term impact. Juliet knows that there would be multiple benefits seen across access to care, insurance coverage, and increased quality of life for survivors if TBIs are to be considered a chronic condition. 

As you can see, this month's Webinar Wednesday will be jam packed with incredibly valuable information from a TBI expert. This is not one to miss! 

Be sure to join us by registering in advance, here. We cannot wait!