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How important is recovery? Nick Jonas, Sophie Grant, Olympic Athletes and YOU are finding out.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are now underway! With only 5 days into the games we have already seen:

  • A socially distanced opening ceremony,
  • athletes contracting COVID-19 leading to their removal from the games,
  • major competitive upsets,
  • and a music sensation take a tumble during NBC’s Olympic Dreams special.


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A Year Like No Other

Like the past year and a half we have all experienced, this year’s games are also quite different from any year’s past. Contraction of COVID-19 is common and is causing athletes’ Olympic dreams to be stopped before they even start. In previous games, injury also had the same detrimental effect on an athlete’s ability to compete. Prior to the commencement of the games there have been many athletes who have already opted out of competition because they are recovering from any injury (Annabelle Timsit). Some of these athletes include:

  • Rafael Nadal (Spain) – Tennis Player – Recuperating from two back-to-back grand slam tournaments
  • Roger Federer (Switzerland) – Tennis Player – Recovering from a Knee Injury
  • Simona Halep (Romania) – Tennis Player – Recovering from a Calf Injury

Of course, injuries will continue to occur as athletes continue to compete. It is always the goal of Olympic Medical Staff to prevent injury from happening and ensuring that athletes are in tip-top shape, but the reality is that accidents happen. These staff members must be ready to treat anything and everything (Roger Collier). They also face the challenge of being able to respect the athletes decision to withdraw from therapy and return to play, even if it is against their guidance. So the trick here is to be creative and find some alternative way to help, without interfering with their ability to train and compete (Roger Collier).

When severe injuries occur, such as head trauma and infections, specialists are called in because much of the work done by medical professionals at the games is primary care. These injuries involve greater decision making, and more often than not, force the athlete to withdraw from competition. 

Time Required to Heal

Like you, Olympic athletes have to dedicate immense amounts of time towards recovery immediately after enduring an injury. They too struggle with taking the time away from their responsibilities and facing the reality that injury can remove them from what they love for an extended period of time. 

Sophie Grant Takes Time Away

Just weeks before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, Sophie Grant, a Canadian Skateboarder sustained a head injury while performing a trick for a Team Canada Video (Calvi Leon). She fell off her board and hit her head very hard on the concrete at the skatepark. At the time, she continued to skate because she felt “OK”, however a few days later she began to feel dizzy and unlike herself (Calvi Leon). Since the incident took place in San Diego, where she was living at the time, she wasn’t able to receive proper treatment until she made it back to Canada a few months later. Once home, she was diagnosed with a concussion and was forced to make the decision to withdraw from all upcoming competitions, including the Olympics.

Sophie Grant.

Skateboarding is making its debut at this year’s Olympics, and Grant had hoped to be a part of the 12 athletes on the Canadian team. She is now taking the correct steps towards recovery and is planning to come back even stronger for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris (Calvi Leon). 

Have any of you suffered from a skateboarding accident?

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Jonas Brother “Olympic” Mishap

Competitiveness doesn’t start or even end with olympic athletes. Anticipating to this year’s games, the Jonas Brothers put together NBC’s Olympics Dreams featuring the Jonas Brothers (Fletcher Peters). In spirit of their hyper competitive nature, the brothers trained with professional athletes in order to compete against each other in a few Olympic sports. In preparation the brothers were mentored by ​​Laurie Hernandez (Rio Games gold-medal gymnast), Nastia Liukin (five-time Olympic medal-winning gymnast), hurdler Sydney McLaughlin (Tokyo qualifier and world-record holder), Sanya Richards-Ross (four-time gold medallist in track), and Alise Willoughby (two-time Olympian in BMX racing) in order to be ready for gymnastics, track and field and BMX biking.

Jonas Brothers gearing up for NBC’s Olympic Dreams.

In the BMX bike portion of the competition, Nick Jonas had a major fall off his bike, leading to fractured rib and a bruised tailbone. His front tire caught some extra dirt, causing him to lose control and have to bail off the side of the bike. He appears to hit the back of his head hard on the dirt. Luckily with the protection of a helmet, Nick was able to avoid a head injury.

Even with preparation for this sporting activity, amateur athletes and everyone else, are still capable of seriously injuring themselves. It also goes to show how much skill and technique is required to master dangerous sports such as BMX and skateboarding. Like you, Nick had to take some time to recover, but is now on his way to a full recovery. He attests that “The road to the Olympics can lead to some heartbreaking injuries” (Hannah Rasharoff).

Let us know, have you ever had a BMX injury?

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Nick Jonas falling off BMX bike.

Immediate Attention Needed

All injuries require time and commitment to a strict recovery plan in order to properly heal. Grant’s head injury set her back from competition because of the period of time after sustaining her injury where she wasn’t able to seek the necessary care. It is incredibly important to tend to an injury right away in order to adequately diagnose and plan a therapy regimen.

How We Can Help

As many of you know all too well, access to necessary care isn’t always as easily obtained as we need it to be. We often face delays in scheduling, insurance coverage difficulties and lack of coordination between health care professionals. The Power of Patients patient-centered application is designed to help solve the disconnect between standard of care and what is actually feasible by patients. The application is free and available on any device in order to improve convenience. Patients and caregivers can track symptoms and triggers of traumatic brain injuries throughout the healing process. With journal style entries, users can fully express, and record, everything they are feeling and experience each and every day.

Sign up for the dashboard right after sustaining a head injury, to begin tracking your progress or lack thereof. Register here at, today! Also, sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what Power of Patients has to offer, here. 

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