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Emerging Boston-based Startup in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Created a novel app using patient-reported data Receives a Thumbs-Up from the NFL Alumni Association

Boston, MA: Power of Patients, LLC an emerging digital technology company with a focus on patient-reported data for people and caregivers suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) received a thumbs-up endorsement from the NFL Alumni Association.NFLAShieldlarge

The app, affectionately named Sallie®, provides a virtual therapy dog to help people injured by concussions, TBIs, and post-concussive syndrome identify and track symptoms and triggers that exasperate their condition. Developed with a patented-AI algorithm, the company has been able to identify unique patterns and signals in the data, classifying new treatment protocols for people with TBI.


I have learned through my 2 daughters’ distinctively different head injuries, concussions versus TBI, that if you have seen 1 brain injury, then you have only experienced 1 brain injury. Until now,” says Lynne Becker, CEO/Founder at Power of Patients. “Our customized, innovative app is empowering people with  TBIs to better understand their condition and work more effectively with their healthcare providers. Sallie® is the first app that allows a patient to be in total control of their own data.”

Features and benefits of this FREE dashboard include. 

  • A customized tracking system to manage your TBI
  • Monitor your progress while the patient chooses who should “see” their data
  • Education about clinical trials and how they can participate

 Dashboard mockup

Visit Power of Patients to learn more or contact Lynne Becker at