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Empower People with Brain Injuries

Brain injuries change people. Clinicians have difficulties diagnosing patients and prescribing effective therapeutics. This stems from a lack of knowledge that plagues the medical community and the research industry. Clinical trials are lacking because brain injuries are more than complex, they are intricate, complicated, and unique. Unique to every patient. Power of Patients can change this. Our dashboard is designed to help brain injury patients drive change. Together we can reshape and accelerate clinical trials to help people with brain injuries.

We Understand Your Journey

I’m Lynne Becker, the founder of Power of Patients. I have learned through my 2 daughters’ distinctively different head injuries, concussions versus TBI, that if you have seen 1 brain injury, then you have only experienced 1 brain injury. No 2 brain injuries are alike.

It was a test of my patience, but more importantly, a test to my commitment to understand what has happened to my daughters and how to help them. Through my journey, I want to share this knowledge I have and help you.

Recent Interviews with Lynne

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Power of Patients + The Hart Collective

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Listen as Joe Hawley & Lynne discuss data findings from the Power of Patients' Dashboard

There were many times I wanted to quit, but I would put myself in my daughter’s shoes, trying to envision her pain. I soon realized it takes two people to navigate through a brain injury.

It’s okay to pause, just come back.

Lynne Becker, Founder & CEO of Power of Patients